Fascinated by Varanger, travel letter from Henrik Westermark

I have long wondered what draws me to Finnmark, and especially the area between Varangerbotn and Vardø.‍The area is not wild and magnificent in the same way as many other areas in Norway. It is a more calm and undulating landscape with lots of light.

FOOTBALL IN VARANGER 1920-1963 - Arnt-Bjarne Aronsen

The organized league game in Finnmark started in 1920 when Finnmark Football Club was founded.

Lost home 3 times - Grandma tells

Grandma once told me that as a child she became homeless 3 times. Can you imagine where and when this happened?

The Dark Ages in Varanger

Would you like to experience the natural phenomenon after dark? A magical time when the sun does not rise above the horizon. The few hours it is light the sky explodes in a fantastic play of colors and when darkness falls there is a high probability of seeing the northern lights.

Autumn colors in Varanger

The autumn colors in Varanger - The open landscape is covered in golden colours, the air becomes fresher and the sun shines over the fjord, the plain and the forest. The perfect time for hiking in Varanger.

The famous mountain Domen

On the way to Vardø, you drive over the mountain Dom, known for harsh weather conditions in winter, and on a good spring day a lookout point where you can observe hundreds of thousands of seabirds.

Steilneset Minnested - The history of witchcraft

The Steilneset memorial site has an atmosphere of its own that cannot be described, this is something you have to experience for yourself. It was erected in memory of the 91 victims who were burned at the stake after being convicted of witchcraft.

Hamningberg birdwatching hide

The northernmost bird hide gives you a completely unique opportunity to get up close to the unique arctic birds.

Varanger Peninsula National Park

The Varanger Peninsula National Park is a completely unique Arctic experience, which stands out from everything else you can experience in Norway. An endless plateau landscape. Rivers and waterfalls. High sky and wide horizon.

Varanger National Tourist Route

Varanger National Tourist Route is considered one of the most unique travel routes. It offers a landscape full of variety, a rich historical background and birdlife that is unparalleled globally.

Nattfjelldalen in Varanger

In the open plateau landscape in the Varanger Peninsula National Park you will find the night mountain valley. A spectacular hiking destination, where the goal is the waterfall at the end of the valley.

The history of Varanger

Varanger is a hidden treasure for those interested in history. Here you can immerse yourself in a rich and varied history.

The Northern Lights in Varanger

Varanger is a perfect starting point for northern lights experiences. Our location under the Northern Lights Oval. Together with the Arctic coastal landscape, little light pollution and a large horizon, you can enjoy the Northern Lights literally on the stairs.

The midnight sun in Varanger

The midnight sun shines from mid-May to mid-July. This period is full of life. Both nature and humans come to life. And in a few short weeks we enjoy the bright time to the maximum.

Vestre Jakobselv

The village has a central location which provides the perfect starting point for all your experiences in Nord Varanger.