Cross-country skiing in Varanger

Cross-country skiing in Varanger

The Varanger Peninsula is the dream destination for all ski enthusiasts. With long winters and miles of trails.
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The perfect conditions for cross-country skiing

Norwegians are born with skis on their legs ...

We have all heard the expression "Norwegians are born with skiing on their feet." This is not surprising, as skiing conditions in Norway are something out of the ordinary. The Varanger Peninsula is no exception, on the contrary. Varanger is the dream destination for any ski enthusiast. With long winters and miles of trails.

Here the trails are so close to town that you do not even need a car. If you spend the night at Varangertunet, it is only a 2 minute walk to the nearest trail. You can actually strap on your skis by the yard and go skiing on nice groomed trails. The local sports associations ensure that there are well-groomed trails at all times, and the trail network extends for miles both inwards and beyond Varanger.

Varangertunet as a base

Varangertunet is the perfect winter destination for families with small children. The large and peaceful outdoor area provides space for play in the snow. Here the children can ski and frolic in the snow from morning to evening, without any worries.

Every winter we also make several new campfire sites so you can start the day with breakfast right outside the door, or end it around the campfire when darkness falls and the northern lights can appear at any moment.

Here in the yard we are so lucky to be able to call ourselves a cabin for those who do not have a cabin. As every season we get visits from local guests from Vardø, Vadsø and Kirkenes who will move closer to nature, ski and scooter trails when the season starts.

Cross-country skiing on the Varanger Peninsula

The Varanger Peninsula is located within the Arctic Circle, which means that it is dark most of the day from mid-November to mid-January. If you are not used to just this, it can be challenging. But it is also an exotic experience, and we can almost guarantee that you will see the northern lights. Many of our guests have stood outside Varangertunet on a cold winter evening and seen the northern lights for the first time. There is something magical about skiing when the northern lights dance across the sky. In a way, you feel like you are standing in the middle of the beautiful northern lights.

Winter season in Varanger

The winter season usually lasts from the beginning of November to the end of April. From the start of the season in November until March, we usually have a dry and nice lead on good trails. As we approach April, mild weather often begins to strike. Plus degrees during the day and cold nights. This provides a sparkling good lead in beautiful hilly trails, and in a trail network that stretches for miles inland the Varanger Peninsula. Near Varangertunet is also the light trail, with trails that run from the first snow and out of season. A biathlon arena is also nearby.

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