Guided tour along the National Tourist Road

Guided tour along the National Tourist Road

The tourist route in Varanger offers one of the most distinctive itineraries you can experience. The landscape here is unique and diverse, while the area's rich history and unique birdlife stand out globally.
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Varanger National Tourist Route

The national tourist route Varanger starts in Varangerbotn and extends to Hamningberg. This is a unique journey in varied terrain. You start the hike inside the birch forest and end up in an open cliff landscape that gives you the feeling of being in a movie. If you are fan of game of thrones you will no doubt love this!

History and culture

On the way you will drive through a number of small towns where people have got stuck in a barren landscape. If you stop by one of the many museums and landmarks, you can get an insight into the unique history of those who have chosen to settle here. 

Bird life

Varanger is known for its unique nature and is a hidden treasure for those interested in history. But the area also offers a unique wildlife and bird species you will not find anywhere else in the world. Varanger is an attraction for bird enthusiasts. And even if you are not interested in birds, you can not fail to notice some of the unique species that hide around in nature. For example, the majestic sea eagle, which flies across the road by the sea.

Our own national tourist route Varanger

Here at Varangertunet, we have set up a National Tourist Route Varanger in the form of info posters about each small town. So that you can go through all the way to immerse yourself in information about the places you have driven past and will drive on through. During the summer of 2021, this info road will get a solid upgrade, something we look forward to showing you.

We are also fortunate to be home to some of the rare bird species that live in Varanger. The perfect place to stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat with the rare bird species that eat right outside the window.

For more information check out National Tourist Routes' pages here .

National tourist route Varanger briefly summarized

To give you the best possible starting point for your adventures in Varanger, we have made a short summary of the road. So you know what to look for and can be prepared for what awaits you. This is a super short introduction, Varanger has so much more to offer. Follow us on our social media and website for more information, or stop by the yard for a cup of coffee and get answers to whatever you may be wondering.

The road to the Arctic Ocean

On your trip in Varanger, you drive past many small places that can hardly be classified as settlements, but which still testify that the people by the fish-rich Varangerfjord have clawed their way into many barren and weather-hardy areas. In the heart of the Varangerfjord you will find Varangerbotn. You drive further east towards the village of Nesseby. Here you see Nesseby church an old cultural treasure that has recently received attention from photographers, tourists and locals.

From here you drive through small places like Mortensnes with its rich history, and archeological culture trail on the side of the road and down to the fjord. You drive through the idyllic little Per Larssonvik, past klubvik and through Bygda Jakobselv with the famous salmon river. Here you can choose to have Varangertunet as your base for day trips in Varanger.

From Varangertunet and into the town of Vadsø it takes about 20 minutes by car. Here you can experience the Finnish capital in Norway. Towards the beginning of the 20th century, Vadsø had about 60% Finnish immigrants in the city. The city is also the city in Norway with the most saunas per inhabitant. A legacy from our Finnish ancestors. From Vadsø you can continue your trip across the Varangerfjord and pass many of the small villages.

About 15 minutes east of Vadsø you will find Ekkerøy which is known for its bird mountain, Further east and about 50 minutes from Varangertunet you come to the village Skallelv. A typical Finnish settlement, with typical Varanger houses where the barn building is built together with a residential house. At the beginning of the 20th century, Skallelv was a purely Finnish settlement. Further east you pass Komagvær with a dramatic history from World War II, when partisans were located in Bjørneskardhytta over the village and killed by the Germans.

Further east and about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the yard you come to Kiberg. Or little Moscow. During World War II, the village had many who fled to the Soviet Union and enlisted in the service and received training as spies, before returning to the Varanger Peninsula as partisans. Feel free to visit the partisan museum in the village. Vardø, which is 15 minutes from Kiberg, has both Vardøhus Fortress and the witch monument to show you.

From Vardø you can make the trip to Hamningberg, an abandoned fishing village that once housed many families and permanent residents. You just have to experience the landscape towards Hamningberg. Described by many as a lunar landscape. From Hamningberg you can again make the trip back to Varangertunet. Enjoy the area. Cook yourself, eat at the cafe at Varangertunet. You can enjoy a sauna and simply just be and enjoy your days in Varanger and at Varangertunet your home in Varanger.

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