Bonfire breakfast / dinner

Bonfire breakfast / dinner

Nothing is better than starting or ending the day with one meal around the fire. You can use one of the campfire sites around the yard. Firewood can be purchased at the reception. Or you can order a campfire meal. We arrange for a delicious meal around the fire.
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Nothing is better than one meal around the fire!

At Varangertunet you have access to several campfire sites. These can be used whenever you want. By purchased at the reception.

If you are not experienced with lighting a fire or cooking on a fire, we are happy to help you. You can order both breakfast and dinner with us. We adapt the menu to your wishes and prepare the campfire site for a pleasant meal together around the fire. Summer or winter this is always nice. How about fresh fish foil fried or stick fried on the fire? A delicious hot soup, stick bread and freshly brewed coffee. Or grilled cheese sandwiches and hot cocoa for lunch?

Gather friends, family or colleagues around the fire.

Here you feel your shoulders lower. It is easy to calm down around the fire- Here it is nice to share experiences and plan the next trip. There is something magical about a meal around the fire. Whether you are sitting there alone or with several people. The food tastes so extra good. The heat from campfire coffee or cocoa fills the body.

Whether you grill sausages or fish. Fry stick bread or marshmellows. These are the magical moments where we get closer to ourselves and each other.

Here it will be time for reflection and building good relationships.

Humans have always been attracted to the heat of the fire. This can never be replaced. Maybe the Northern Lights will come. Or the midnight sun is shining. Either way, young and old will appreciate this moment.

Choose an experience where everyone can participate.

Everyone thrives around the fire. Small and large. There are no requirements for anyone here. Everyone can join. Here you create memories and build relationships. Maybe you each go on their own activities. But around the fire, everyone gathers when the day is over and can share the day's experiences. You can share the experience with family, friends or the company. Or it can be shared with us or other guests if you wish.


We have a campfire site with fantastic views of the Varangerfjord.


In the summer of 2021, it will also be possible to order a campfire meal in our new large lavvo. Here you can gather friends and family. Colleagues or the school class. Here sheltered from the weather and wind, you can enjoy campfire food, good stories and good company.

You can arrange birthdays, graduations or staff gatherings. Safe employees and good community strengthen any company. Why not build relationships, arrange a glittering evening with new employees in the lavvo

If you want a very special experience around the fire, we can arrange for a traditional Sami evening. With Sami food on the fire. And Sami singers and musicians will give you an insight into a rich and fantastic culture with an exciting history. Joik and beautiful Sami songs in old and modern costume give a very special atmosphere in the lavvo.

Get in touch for a program and offer that suits their group. And experience something exciting and authentic. Feel the heat from the fire. Taste the power of the reindeer meat. Listen to the beautiful music, watch the flames dance and feel the calm subside.

“The richest people are those who have found peace with themselves and their surroundings. Those who see the joy in what they have around them. Those who treat others to happiness. It is these people who have achieved what really matters. "

The possibilities are many, the choice is yours!

We appreciate being able to make arrangements so that you just get an unforgettable experience around the fire. Get in touch for an offer and a scheme that suits their group.

Here everything is easily accessible and even those who have challenges moving out into nature can get a feeling of being far to the mountains.

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