See the Northern Lights in Varanger

See the Northern Lights in Varanger

Do you dream of seeing the Northern Lights? Then you must travel to Varanger!
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Starting price SEK 350
1.5 hours
Number of people
5-16 people
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See The Northern Lights In Varanger

Light pollution is a big problem for those who want to see the northern lights, but not in Varanger.

Do you dream of the Northern Lights

Are you one of those people who has heard of the Northern Lights, but never seen it yourself? Then it's time to do something about it. When you see the northern lights illuminate the starry sky in green, purple and blue tones on a cold winter night, you realize that this is something that just has to be experienced.

There is something magical about this experience. Suddenly it is completely quiet, you feel the cold bites in your cheeks, the fresh air fills your lungs and suddenly it is just you and nature. It is a very special tranquility, which allows you to be completely present in the moment without any distractions.


Therefore you have to go to Varanger

Light pollution is a known problem for those who want to see the northern lights and the reason why many choose guided bus tours out of the city to find this magical light. Such bus trips do not exist in Varanger.

Light pollution is not a problem

You may be wondering why? In Varanger, nature is close by, and it is only a short walk from the town to untouched nature. Therefore, you can easily stumble across the northern lights yourself, without driving long distances or waiting for hours. Varangertunet is located close to the mountain surrounded by forest and is therefore well protected from light pollution. If you turn off the lights inside, you can sit and look for the northern lights from the bedroom.

The time of darkness provides good conditions

Varanger is also within the Arctic Circle, which means that we have what is called dark time. A natural phenomenon that occurs in winter and makes it dark for large parts of the day. This makes the probability of seeing the northern lights even greater, without you having to sit up all night.

A Northern Lights Experience in the yard

Although there is a high probability of seeing the northern lights, we can not guarantee anything. In the yard we arrange a northern lights experience for you. We do this by booking on days when the conditions are right for the northern lights. There will be bonfires, local food and we are present for questions and anything you might be wondering about Varanger. 

There is a high probability of seeing the northern lights. but if it does not appear, it will be a Nordic experience you will soon forget anyway.

Practical info

- Number of persons: 5-16

Duration: 1-2 hours.

- Star price: 350, -

Payment: you can pay in the yard.

- Season: mid-November-end of March. 

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