Sauna / Dampbad

Sauna / Dampbad

Here at Varangertunet we have created a traditional Finnish sauna, a perfect end to the day. rent our wood-fired sauna for a delicious steam bath!
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Sauna culture here on the Varanger Peninsula


Our sauna

At Varangertunet we have a wood-fired traditional sauna, so you can have the opportunity to experience the Finnish tradition that has become part of daily life in Varanger. At Varangertunet, we have built a traditional Finnish sauna, as the generations before us have done.

The sauna is wood burning and has a hot water tank over the stove. If you also have a birch bark or sauna glue and knock yourself into the sauna as a beneficial massage, it is good to live.

Sauna culture in Varanger

At the beginning of the 1800s, Finnish immigrants began to move across the borders to Norway, due to food shortages in their home country. They brought with them elements from their culture. One of the things that has survived for several generations and become a tradition for the people of Varanger is a sauna or steam bath as it got cold here in the area.

From 1840 onwards towards the beginning of the 20th century, many Finnish immigrants came to Vadsø and the Arctic Ocean. Fishing in the fish-rich Varangerfjord lured, when food shortages became a reality in the home country.

At most, just over 60% of the city's inhabitants were Finnish. Finnish language and building customs prevailed and not least the sauna became important in the cityscape. Vadsø residents have taken this tradition with them. Today, Vadsø is the city in Norway with the most saunas per inhabitant.

What was the sauna for the locals?

The sauna was and is a steam bath that was used to wash in or relax after a long working day out in the ball. In the Vadsø area there were several communal steam baths, where people gathered once a week. Here people laughed after the week's hardships and chores. The conversation was lively and many world problems have seen their solution in the sauna's hot steam.

For more information about the role of Finnish culture in Varanger, check out the Varanger Museum 's pages.

Sauna is a must for everyone who is traveling in Varanger, if you want to book our sauna please contact tel. +47 91365856 or

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