Hiking in Varanger

Hiking in Varanger

Hiking on the Varanger Peninsula opens up unique opportunities in varied terrain. Here we are surrounded by untouched nature.
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Hiking on the Varanger Peninsula

We have several guests who return year after year just to walk in the open countryside, and enjoy the unique nature. Here we are surrounded by untouched nature, and the light terrain opens up many opportunities.

In Norway we are so lucky and have something called every man's dish, this allows you to wander freely in Norwegian nature. What is special about the Varanger Peninsula is the accessibility. Spectacular nature experiences that you have to be transported to elsewhere by helicopter and guide are just a walk from town and village.

Varangertunet as a base

Photo - Odd Lehto

Varangertunet is the perfect base for hiking. Here you can move up to the plateau and Varanger National Park, follow Jakobselva where you can enjoy the sight of the salmon standing in the stream and hear the river roar. Or take a little stroll down to the fjord.

From the yard you can easily get out into nature, all you have to do is put on your shoes and walk away. Here you start the trip in a lush birch forest and then move up to the plateau. It is entirely possible to walk for miles in a slightly hilly and open terrain. The local area offers many possibilities, but if you want more variety, there are a number of varied routes just a short drive away.

The proximity to nature and the easy terrain opens up many opportunities, and makes it easy for many of us to get out into nature. Whether you are a skilled hiker and know Norwegian nature well, or you can not remember the last time you were hiking in untouched nature. Here there are opportunities for short walks near the village, or longer walks that extend over several days in varied terrain.


Nattfjelldalen in the Varanger Peninsula National Park

Every year we receive visits from guests who use Varangertunet as their base for hiking in the Varanger Peninsula. It is especially a route we recommend to everyone, the trip to Nattfjeldalen. Nattfjelldalen is located a little north of Vadsø. This is a day trip in beautiful surroundings, where the goal is the waterfall in the heart of the valley. On a clear day you will be able to see large parts of the Varanger Peninsula from the top of the valley, truly a unique nature experience worth the trip.


You can also walk along the old postal route between Vadsø and Vardø. Known to be one of the most dangerous postal routes in Norway at the time. From just east of Krampenes, the cairns that marked the road in the 1600-1700s can still be seen.

Join us on tour

Hiking on the Varanger Peninsula offers hiking in a light terrain with dry heather, small valleys, marshy terrain and small fishing lakes that lie like pearls on a string on your hike. If you have a backpack, fishing rod and good food, everything is ready for a successful trip.

Otherwise, you can, so to speak, make the trip wherever you want in the Varanger Peninsula. You can park by the road towards the Arctic Ocean and just head inwards towards the national park.

If you want a guide, we are happy to join you on a tour. Since we were born and raised in Varanger, we know the area well and we want to share what Varanger means to us with everyone who wants to join. Here you can experience everything from nature's treasures, to historical routes and reap the benefits of nature.


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