Bird watching on the Varanger Peninsula

Bird watching on the Varanger Peninsula

Varanger has a unique bird life, which attracts birdwatchers from all over the world.
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One of the world's best bird destinations

Varanger has a unique bird life, which attracts birdwatchers from all over the world. On several occasions, our guests have brought their cameras for breakfast, hoping to get the perfect picture of the rare birds eating breakfast right outside the window. Some of the birds you can find here in Varanger include Stellerand, Praktærfugl, Brushane, red stalk, Lappmeis, Polarsisik, Tretåspett, Havørn and Kongeørn.

The birds at Varangertunet

We are lucky to be home to a number of bird species. These birds have breakfast folded right outside the window of the function room which in the summer is used as a café. It is not uncommon to see them sitting eating outside the window while our guests sit eating inside. Some of these include Bjørkefink, Grønnfink, Grå sisik, Polar Sisik, Blåmeis, dompap, kjøttmeis, and blåstrupe. Yes that is correct. The blue throat has also been visited regularly. But most often you will find it in our birch forest.

Varangerfjordens Fugleliv

After a good breakfast with the little birds, it's time to move out into the field. The unique Waders are a must. This makes the Varangerfjord the perfect start to the day. The wide and shallow fjord facilitates a bustling bird life, as the food is easily accessible. From December to April you will find birds such as Stellerand, Praktærfugl, Havelle and Ærfugl. Large flocks of black tooth and sea trout are also not uncommon.

Birds of prey

The birds of prey in Varanger are something most people notice, bird interested or not. You can not help but notice the majestic sea eagle that lives along the fjord and flies across the road at regular intervals. Other birds of prey that are easy to spot along the Varanger National Tourist Route are the Golden Eagle, Dwarf Falcon, Kestrel and Fjellvåk. When you approach the birch forest, you have to keep an eye out and if you are really lucky, you may see Haukugla. We often see the slightly more common common barn owl along the road as it hunts in open landscape. At Varangertunet we have previously observed both Dwarf Falcon, Jaktfalk, Fjellvåk and eagle.


Hornøya is a completely unique experience we recommend to all our guests, large and small. Bird interested or not. You must bring this with you! It is a completely unique nature experience. Varanger is known for spectacular nature experiences easily accessible. Hornøya is one of them, and it is high on the list.

This is an island just outside Vardø, a bird mountain and nature reserve. One of Norway's most famous bird mountains. Lundefugl, Lomvier, Alker and various Krykkje species live here. From February to August, Vardø harbor arranges boat trips out to the island, so you can experience the unique species up close.

Practical info

Season - High season for birds is March to June. But it asks what you want to see.

Price class - You can experience the bird life for free on your own. If you want a guide or trip to Hornøya, or the bird park, this will incur costs. Please contact us for more information.

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This exciting voyage allows you to experience history. Here you get beautiful nature and a unique history from the war years in Finnmark.

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The Varanger Peninsula National Park is a completely unique Arctic experience, which stands out from everything else you can experience in Norway.

Sauna / Dampbad

Here at Varangertunet we have created a traditional Finnish sauna, a perfect end to the day. rent our wood-fired sauna for a delicious steam bath!