Fly fishing in Varanger

Fly fishing in Varanger

Varanger is a paradise for fly fishermen. With the midnight sun and the long summer nights, everything is ready for a good season.
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Fly fishing in Varanger

Varanger is a paradise for fly fishermen. With the midnight sun and the long summer nights, everything is ready for a good season. Every year we receive visits from a number of guests from all over the world. With a simple goal, to fish salmon. Only an hour's drive from the yard are five good salmon rivers. One of Norway's best small salmon rivers, Jakobselva is only a five minute walk from Varangertunet.

We often get questions about fly fishing opportunities in Varanger. To make it a little easier for you to plan your trip, we have made a list of all the rivers in the area and everything you need to know about them. So that you can be prepared to make the most of your adventures in Varanger.

5 Salmon rivers in Varanger

1. Vesterelv

Vesterelv is a small river that can offer a fun and good fishing. The river is a typical small salmon river. It is a relatively easy terrain to walk in, where you can fish in calm currents. From August onwards, the river may look small, but do not be fooled. It can still offer good fishing.

The river is about a 40 minute drive from Varangertunet, 10 minutes south of Varangerbotten. Fishing licenses for this river are available from us.

2. Bergeby

If you drive east from Vesterelv, you will come to Bergebyelva, which is located east of the village Nesseby. Bergebyelva is located around a 20 minute drive west of Varangertunet.

This is probably a small salmon river that houses fine salmon strains. If you stop at the bridge that separates the river and the Arctic Ocean on the way to Varangertunet, you can see the salmon go in a circle while it gets used to the fresh water when the sea rises. You can start fishing in the river just above the highway and from there fish several miles up. This is also known to be a small salmon river, but every year salmon of up to 10-12 kg are caught. You can also get a card for this river from us.

3. Jakobselv

Vestre Jakobselv is known for being one of Norway's best small salmon rivers, and the main attraction for fly fishermen who come to Varanger to try their luck. Every year, between 10-15 tonnes of salmon are caught in the river. The river is mainly known for small salmon, but between large and large salmon are also caught regularly. Every year, catches of up to 15 - 20 kg are reported.

The river is easily accessible and offers exciting fishing in nice deep pools, rapids and calmer parts. During the summer, when the fish start to go higher up in the river, you can fish on a stretch of about 40 km. As I said, this river is only 5 minutes from Varangertunet, and you can buy the cards from us.

4. Skallelv

Skallelva is a small river, with a modest salmon stock, but in between you can experience a nice fishing. Previously, the river has housed a good sea trout population, but here too the decline has been marked in the last 15-20 years. If fishing luck is not on your side, it will be a great experience in untouched nature. Here you can also visit the small village at the mouth of the river. You get the fishing licenses from us.

5. Komagelv

Komagelv is known for its good fishing for small salmon, but medium and large salmon are also caught here regularly. The river is wide and shallow, with culverts close together from the bridge by the national road and upwards. Here you will always find a place to fish and you will definitely see salmon jumping in the rapids on their way up the river. This makes it a fun river to fish in. The river is about an hour's drive from the yard. Fishing licenses for this river can be bought in the bridge cabin on site.

Are you interested in a course?

In collaboration with our partners, we can offer both guiding, throwing courses and fly tying courses. This is perfect for you who think fly fishing sounds exciting, but might need a little help getting started. Or you who want to take it to new heights.

Here you get the opportunity to meet local fishermen with high competence in their field. Fly fishing does not only have to be for those who have a long life and who "know this". Everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe you and your family want to find a new hobby, or you and your group of friends want to learn more about this. Maybe you and your company want to do something nice and completely new together. This really is a perfect activities related to courses, conferences and team building.

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Varangertunet also disinfects fishing equipment.

More information about fishing in Varanger and regulations can be found on the river guide's pages here .

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