More than a function room. We assist with our experience. So that you can lower your shoulders and be present in the moment.

More than a function room


Tailor-made Solutions

We at Varangertunet tailor good solutions for various events. In a nice party room with character that sets a great framework around companies. We are flexible and the possibilities are many. With us, you get help to find the best solution for your event. If you want to get to a fully decorated party room, where the table is set and the food is ready. Or you want to take care of the decoration and food yourself. 

The function room that sets the mood 

Before we started Varangertunet, the function room was created. She behind the design is our local interior designer Anette Saxi. The timeless design is the perfect starting point for various events. 

With such a starting point, only the imagination sets limits. Companies have become part of our everyday life, but it should never feel like everyday life to you. No two companies are alike, we know all about that. A weather event is unique and special for those concerned. Which makes it special for us too.

Our experience, your security

With six years of experience from Varangertunet, as well as a background from creative educations and professions, we know the process well , and that is what we love. We assist with our experience so that every special occasion gets the attention it deserves. Do you have any questions or want to book the function room with us? Feel free to get in touch via tel. 913 65 856ller


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Birthdays are a nice opportunity to gather family and friends for a nice party. Make it easy by letting us take care of the work and the framework around it. This is how the party becomes a pleasant memory. And you can enjoy yourself without thinking about shopping, space, cooking and washing.

Baptism and name party

Baptism is one of the great events in life, the day that marks the beginning of life.