One of the greatest days in life, deserves all the best!

This special day deserves all the best!

For those of you who want to gather friends and family for an intimate, stylish and personal wedding, Varangertunet is the right place. When you want to focus on you and the guests. With the best of what Varanger has to offer. When you want help arranging your dream wedding, we are there for you.

Less stress and more coziness!

We help you lower your shoulders and know that everything is under control.

We have assisted in all parts with the preparation and implementation of several weddings. Everything from clothes, entertainment, food, accommodation, table cards etc. We are happy to assist you.

A successful party where the bride and groom relax and the guests enjoy themselves.

This day we take care of the practical while you enjoy each other and the party!

We facilitate a personal touch to the whole party!

This is their day. It is important that their wishes and dreams for the day are fulfilled. We therefore spend a lot of time with you to plan the best possible. To do our best to understand what framework you want for your day.

Food, decorations, entertainment go hand in hand for the perfect wedding day. But also rest. We have rooms and apartments available so you can retire between battles. Adjust a little on the fine stasis and just be the two of you for a few minutes. If you want to spend your wedding night here, we will also arrange for this in one of our apartments.

Or how about spending your wedding night in one of our glamping lavvos? This will be a special end to the day. Not to mention the start of their first day as newlyweds!

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