Birthdays are a nice opportunity to gather family and friends for a nice party. Make it easy by letting us take care of the work and the framework around it. This is how the party becomes a pleasant memory. And you can enjoy yourself without thinking about shopping, space, cooking and washing.


It is always nice to celebrate big days with family and friends. We arrange birthday parties for small and large. Whether you are 30 or 90, the jubilee deserves a celebration that is remembered!

Celebrate what can be celebrated. Special occasions deserve special attention, at least we in the yard think so.

Personal twist

With us, you have the opportunity to do as little or as much as you want in relation to your celebration. Many guests have appreciated not having to do anything. Others find it fun to decorate and cook. In any case, we make arrangements for your party to be exactly the way you want it. Adapted to you and your budget.

No matter what you like to do, no one will do the dishes the next day as a favorite. Dishwashing and washing are therefore always included when we rent out the room. Then you are also assured that you always come to a clean and tidy room!

Small or large party

Our premises are timelessly decorated, large and intimate enough for both small and large companies. The location also allows you to easily pull out on the porch for an air break without standing on display for neighbors or passers-by.

Serving homemade or catring

If you want simple and generous serving with good home-cooked food, we can also help you. If you want fine dining and an extra festive atmosphere over the food, we work with local chefs. Here you can be served everything from tapas with a local twist, exotic flavors or a 3-course Varanger menu,

The entertainment fakes you yourself. Or you order entertainment through us. We can in collaboration with local musicians and DJs offer you the right music for your party. Our karaoke facility can be used when you want to contribute speeches or songs!

We also have both projector, screen and smart TV for you who want to make features for the jubilee. Or maybe the jubilee will surprise his guests with a funny video

Here everything is ready for a fantastic company in pleasant surroundings. With family and friends!

Travel far celebrate long.

Here where we live, someone has to travel far to celebrate with family and friends. It is not always possible to have room for everyone at home. But we offer accommodation and rest rooms for you and your guests who need this. Then we can also offer lunch the day on.

We look forward to hearing from you and would like to be your host on the next occasion!

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The big day for the confirmant and the whole family! This should be a pleasant gathering with family and friends who celebrate that a childhood is over and that adulthood begins.