Baptism and name party

Baptism is one of the great events in life, the day that marks the beginning of life.

Our baptisms and name parties.

We offer baptisms and name parties with your personal twist. You choose colors and themes. We also like to decorate with personal details.

Enjoy the party!

You should enjoy this big day with family and friends. Tell us your wishes for the day and let us take care of the work. We decorate, set the table, arrange the food and do the dishes for you. Zero stress = a perfect day for you!

A newborn baby is a little wonder. Time is precious and important. You have big dreams and wishes for the child and the baptism / names party.

We are all different. That is why we place emphasis on creating a party that is personal to you. Guests should feel like they are visiting you when they arrive. At the same time, for most people, it is not every day that you arrange such big days. Therefore, there is a lot of stress and keep in mind everything that needs to be done. We, on the other hand, often arrange parties. And our experience is your assurance that your company will be exactly the way you want it. Nothing is left to chance and we think of everything. You are in the center and it is our job to make you happy!

For us, it is always great fun when we get to help set the framework for the celebration of a newborn child!

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Birthdays are a nice opportunity to gather family and friends for a nice party. Make it easy by letting us take care of the work and the framework around it. This is how the party becomes a pleasant memory. And you can enjoy yourself without thinking about shopping, space, cooking and washing.


One of the greatest days in life, deserves all the best!