(Snow) scooter ride in Varanger!

(Snow) scooter ride in Varanger!

Join local guides on a snowmobile tour in the open countryside here in Varanger. Perfect for you who like speed and excitement.
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Starting price - 1600 kr
3-4 hours
Number of people
2 - 8 per turn
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You might call it a snowmobile? In Varanger it is such a common sight that we call it just a scooter. So the next time you hear someone here talk about a scooter, you know it's a snowmobile;)

Do you like speed and excitement?

Do you want a trip a little out of the ordinary? Varanger is known for its quiet and scenic surroundings. But do not be fooled, there is something for you who like speed and excitement as well.

Scooter in Varanger

Scooter is a familiar and beloved sight in Varanger. For families, it is mostly used for transport, shipping and quiet Sunday trips. For young people, it is play and cross, which for some develops into professional sports. It is also used in working life in connection with reindeer husbandry and guiding.

Experienced and local guides

In collaboration with our partners, we have delivered scooter rides to our guests for almost 7 years. Guests often return to the yard with red cheeks and good stories. The local and tour guides make the trip a safe and hefty experience.

You can book guided scooter rides from Varangertunet. You can drive yourself or ride, with or without a sled. From the mountain you will experience a fantastic view of the fjord and the village. As long as it is daylight, on an evening trip you may be lucky to see the northern lights. If you are really lucky, you may get to taste traditional tour food from the local area, namely dried reindeer heart.

Practical Info

- Number of people: 2-8 people per trip.

Duration: 3-4 hours.

- Starting price: 1600, -

Payment: you can pay in the yard.

- Season: mid-November-end of March. (This depends on the feed)

Send a booking request in the form below, and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs.

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