On Bærtur in Varanger

On Bærtur in Varanger

A short and intense summer under the midnight sun gives us lots of tasty berries. Join us on a great day on a bog, forest or plateau. Here we find berries ripened in 24 hours of daylight. We eat on tour and juices and jams when we return!
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On a berry trip

The taste of Varanger

A short and intense summer under the midnight sun facilitates good berry conditions. We do not know if it is the long bright summer nights, the very varied summer days or the short intense summer that do it. But we think the berries in Varanger have a very rich, juicy and good taste. A taste of Varanger with sweetness and touch. The berries we harvest are the gold of the plateau, cloudberries. We harvest blueberries for jams and juices. Cranberries for juice and cranberries as an accompaniment to good meat dishes made from reindeer. But nothing beats the feeling of eating fresh berries straight from the heather.

Mulberries from Finnmark are widely known. But we would dare to say that there is something special about blueberries from Varanger. You can somehow not say that you do not like blueberries, until you have tasted blueberries from Varanger, that's just the way it is. If you are lucky, you can taste homemade cranberry jam, picked right next to various meat dishes in the yard, but this depends on the season.

Join us on tour

Join us on tour. We love to be outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you are like us and want to reap the benefits of nature, we are happy to take you on a trip. We pack our bags full of packed lunches and share our favorite berry places.

Practical info

Season for mullets and blueberries - Mid-July - mid-August

Season for and gooseberries - Mid-July - mid-August

Cranberries from the end of August and well into September.

Duration of the trip - 4 hours

Minimum - 4 people per trip

Or a minimum of NOK 2,500 per trip.

Price SEK 750 per person

Includes packed lunch, coffee / tea.

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Varanger National Tourist Route is perhaps one of the most exotic stretches. With a unique and varied terrain. A complex history and bird species you will not find anywhere else in the world.

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Experience dog sledding in Varanger

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